Our Mission:

  • To Inspire
  • To Uplift
  • To Build &
  • To Promote Self Healing

To the community and the world through the use of natural medicine.

Our Motto:

A cheerful heart is good medicine and herbs are healing to the nation.

Our Story:

   Dear Friend,

  Growing up in Georgia with a broom for a microphone I knew one day I would have an impact on the world.  What type of impact I would have would be influenced by many things and many people, from the Afrikan southern traditions of healing, to those being afflicted with drugs and poverty, from my beloved elders to everyday people.  It has always been my deep desire to give back to community, to give back to the people that has giving so much to me.  Raised to speak truth, do truth Mommacha has become the broom in which I sing today. It has become my platform to say have a nice day, keep pushing, keep living, you are beautiful, you are whole, let your light shine. Keep shining!

I am Mommacha. (MommaCha). (Laughter, Music, Life)

I am the community shining!

I am remembering my elders and celebrating my youth.

I am living in truth and truth is setting me free, free from dis-ease, and poverty.

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